SpringView Investments



SpringView Investments is a real estate investment company. Harold Willig is the Manager of SpringView which he founded in 2012. He coordinates a professional team of real estate brokers, general contractors, leasing agents, and property managers.


SpringView helps fulfill the dream of living in a newly renovated single-family home.For families and individuals who want to live in stable and safe neighborhoods,

For investors, SpringView Investments seeks to provide attractive current yield by acquiring, renovating, leasing, and operating affordable single-family homes.

As of June 30, 2016, the portfolio held more than 180 homes, primarily in the ChicagoLand area.



HFZ Capital Group



Harold Willig is a senior financial advisor at HFZ Capital Group, a Manhattan-based real estate investment and development company formed in 2005. HFZ is as one of the most prolific developer of luxury residential condominiums in Manhattan.

Harold has more than 20 years of accounting, business planning, budgeting and forecasting experience in the commercial and residential real estate industry. 

Harold's specialties include accounting and finance department organizational development, processes and systems implementations; GAAP and management reporting; bottom-line improvement programs; change management;acquisition modeling, valuation, and integration; and bank and investor relations.